The Spirit of Truth

“This is the Spirit of Truth” (John 14:17)

On Sunday, I shared the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. The shepherd boy of the village cried, “Wolf! Wolf!” from the top of a hill when there was no wolf. He then laughed at the villagers for rushing up the hill to protect the sheep of the village. It was so funny to the boy that he did it again the next day. After rushing up the hill twice, the people of the village had lost their trust in him. The next day a wolf actually came to the hill and attacked the sheep. When the boy cried out, “Wolf! Wolf!” the people ignored his pleas, as they figured he was just wanting to have another practical joke at their expense. After they realized that there really was a wolf, the shepherd boy asked them why they didn’t come and help him protect the sheep from the wolf, the village elder said to the boy, “It is hard to believe someone who doesn’t always tell the truth.”

Telling the truth is a basic virtue in all religions and cultures. In the Gospel of John, the words “truth” and “true” are found over forty times. It was very important to John to portray Jesus not only as someone who told the truth, but someone who actually embodied truth, who internalized it, who knew that the Spirit of truth was within him and his followers.

The Spirit of truth is within us as well. Imagine how our lives, our relationships, communities and world would be different if we paid attention to the Spirit of truth within us and within others.

May this week be a time where you embody truth as Jesus did. After all, you have the same Spirit within you!

Aloha nui!

Kahu Alan Akana


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