Weekly News of the Church

Church Christmas Party

Friday, December 6th, 6 p.M.

The Smith Memorial Parsonage

3281 Waikomo Road in Koloa

Bring a favorite holiday dish for the potluck dinner.

Enjoy the Christmas decorations

Fun with great friends

Christmas caroling


Second Sunday of Advent

“We Light the Candle of Peace”

December 8th


Welcoming of  New Members

The Lighting of the Advent Candles

A Message of “Peace”

Christmas Caroling after Aloha Hour at Hale Kupuna in Omao



PRAYERS & SQUARES  Tuesday, December 3, 1-3 p.m. Prayers & Squares will meet in Kahu’s office. All are welcome to make quilts as part of our ministry of prayer for those in crisis and those who might need some extra comfort and encouragement.

CHURCH WORK DAY  Saturday, December 7, 8 – noon. It is time to spruce up the church buildings and grounds in preparation for the holidays and all our visitors. Bring your gloves, rags, buckets. Lunch will be served.

CHRISTMAS CAROLING  We will gather to go Christmas caroling at Hale Kupuna in Omao on Sunday, December 8, after Aloha Hour. Everyone is invited to join us. We can carpool from the church.

CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE  Join us for a service of candles and carols in English and Hawaiian and a special hula presentation on Tuesday, December 24, at 7:30 p.m.

CHRISTMAS DAY SERVICE  Join us for Holy Communion, a Christmas message, as well as Christmas carols in English and Hawaiian on Wednesday, December 25, at 10:30 a.m.

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LECTIONARY READINGS (Old & New Testament Readings for the Week)  Each week, Christians throughout the world read biblical passages from the Revised Common Lectionary, including the Old Testament, Psalms, New Testament, and Gospels. After three years, a good portion of the Bible is included and the cycle begins again. RCL passages are often read in church worship services, and Kahu Akana usually includes at least one of them on the following Sunday. This week’s readings are Isaiah 11:1-10; Psalm 72:1-19; Romans 15:4-13; Matthew 3:1-12.


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A Message from Our Kahu

“Never Give Up Hope”

Luke 1:5-25

On Sunday, I told the congregation about a beloved friend Dwayne who died earlier this year while I was on my sabbatical. By the time I met him nearly 20 years ago, he had lost nearly everything that was important to him. His two sons died, his wife left him, he lost his job. He also faced some huge challenges in some of the jobs where he worked after his world seemed to come crashing down on top of him. Nevertheless, Dwayne was one of the kindest, most helpful and hopeful people I had ever met. One day I asked him how he remained so positive and hopeful.

Here is how I remember his response:

You know, Alan, I know that I could have chosen to have been bitter, angry and resentful, and I’m pretty sure that anyone who knew me at the time wouldn’t have blamed me because that was a really tough time. But I also knew that I could choose to trust that God had always been with me in love and would continue to be with me and continue loving me. I just had to believe somehow that my best days might still be ahead of me. And so, I chose to be hopeful. It was a choice I made. I knew I didn’t have to make that choice, but who wants to be around a bitter, angry person?

Dwayne’s response was a reminder to me that hope is something we choose. In fact, it is something we get to choose every single day, regardless of the circumstances all around us. In Sunday’s Gospel reading, Zechariah and Elizabeth were another reminder of this. They spent their entire lives being faithful to God while their greatest desire remained unfulfilled—a child. Yet they never gave up hope. At least, they had enough hope to continue trusting God, worshiping, making offerings and praying. I think that they too believed that their best days might still be ahead of them—and they were. God surprised them with an answer to their prayers and their lifetime of unfulfilled hope. Elizabeth gave birth to John the Baptist and was told by the angel Gabriel that he would bring joy not only to them but to many people. For John prepared the way for Jesus—and there was great joy for all.

This is our hope as well. God calls each of us to prepare the way for Jesus in one way or another—a way into our hearts and minds, a way into our line of sight, a way for people to hear of God’s love. As you prepare a way for Jesus during this Advent Season, may you never give hope; may you always believe that your best days might just be ahead of you.

Aloha nui!




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