Picture of a lamb in a tall grass looking at the camera

It has been an amazing three weeks on the East Coast! The highlight was the wedding of my son Palani to Isobel Mifsud in New York City! The wedding was beautiful, and it was so nice to gather with family and friends, and finally meet Isobel’s parents and sister who flew over from England! From there I took a train to Philadelphia to see the sites for a couple of days and then onto the D.C. area for an entire week. I then drove in a rental car to southern Virginia to see more historic sites and also visit the Norfolk Botanical Garden where they will feature my art when they celebrate the opening of a state of the art conservatory that will feature tropical plants and trees! On my final day, I took a leisurely drive through Maryland and Delaware to catch my flight home from New York.

Except for NYC, it was my first time to visit these places. There was a lot of history to take in from all the museums, monuments, statues, battlefields, historic homes, and so much more. I look forward to sharing some of my thoughts on Sunday mornings during the coming weeks, especially from my time in Philadelphia and D.C. One thought in particular that stands out to me is that there are many ways to be a democracy and even more ways to structure a government—and some of those ways are certainly better than others.

In the meantime, I look forward to celebrating Pentecost on Sunday as we consider what it means to be filled with Spirit. Just as there are many ways to understand democracy and government, there are also many ways to understand God’s Spirit and be the Church—and some of those ways are better than others!

Let us discover together how we can be filled with the Spirit and honor the life and teachings of Jesus!

Aloha nui loa!
Kahu Alan Akana