arbor january 2016


I want to take a moment and share my gratitude for our capital campaign progress here at Koloa Union Church. First of all, thank you for the many generous contributions to our capital campaign “Maika’i Hana Hou” (Creating Goodness and Beauty Once Again). A special thank you to Dan Giovanni, our capital campaign chair, who spends countless hours every week behind the scenes—and digging in the dirt!—to keep our progress moving forward.

Because of the generosity of our members and friends, renovations are now being made here almost daily. The most recent and visible so far is the new arbor, which makes an attractive entryway to our church buildings.  There are already two very tall red bougainvillea plants growing on both sides of the arbor, and soon the entire arbor will be draped  in red blossoms, creating a warm and welcoming entrance to our buildings! We are just beginning our landscaping, and you can expect many more changes in the near future. You will also be seeing some major changes inside our sanctuary and hearing the results from the upgrades in our sound system in the next couple of weeks. And this is just the beginning!

I am very proud of what we have done as a church this past year in terms of choosing some major projects which will make us much more inviting and welcoming to all! I look forward to seeing the many results in the coming year. Again, thank you to everyone who has generously given to the success of “Maika’i Hana Hou”!

Mahalo nui loa!!!

Kahu Alan Akana