Walking on the Great Wall of China

I am back home after attending my son Palani’s graduation in California and traveling with him in Japan and China. I found myself inspired once again by these two great cultures which I studied and experienced for two summers when I was in college: two cultures which have had a tremendous impact on our island and Hawai’i nei.

I am glad to be home where the air is clean, roads are relatively uncrowded, and a sense of quiet and peace pervades our island life. I am also looking forward to an exciting summer, as we plan for the future, focus more specifically on where God might be leading us as a church, and begin tearing down the old and building up the new–that which is part of Maika’i Hana Hou (creating goodness and beauty once again).

I look forward to sharing with everyone about my adventures in church tomorrow!

Aloha nui!

Kahu Alan Akana