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A Note from Kahu Alan Akana

“Trinity Sunday”

On Sunday, we celebrated the Holy Trinity, as we sang “Holy, Holy, Holy” and read from Isaiah and Revelation, where those words are proclaimed by heavenly beings in dreams. They are wild dreams filled with fear and wonder—like many of the dreams we have from time to time. I focused mostly on Isaiah’s dream in my message and shared with the congregation a bit of background in order to understand what might have been going on at the time Isaiah had his dream.

There are four messages that I believe Isaiah most likely understood from his dream.

  • First of all, God is ultimately in control. Kings, queens, presidents and prime ministers, come and go. Some make big marks in history; others are forgotten in a generation or two. Some make the world a much better place; others seem to make a mess of everything they touch. Yet, after every leader moves on and every regime comes to an end, God remains.
  • God is holy and is a mystery. Even when God reveals part of God’s self to us, there remains so much more about God that we don’t know. This ought to give us some degree of humility. It also ought to make us wary of leaders who think they have everything figured out or believe that they are above the rules that apply to everyone else.
  • God forgives our sins and shortcomings. With a simple touch, Isaiah’s sins were blotted out—the moment he admitted his imperfections. Our sins disappear just as quickly, but it is important that we too are aware that we are far from perfect.
  • God sends people out into the world to do the work of God. When God asked, “Whom shall I send? Who will go?”, Isaiah responded, “Here am I. Send me.” There is work for all of us to do—important work in the world. May we be just as quick as Isaiah to say, “Here am I. Send me.”

Be sure to watch the video of my sermon if you missed it on Sunday. I think this will help make sense of how I came up with these four messages. In the meantime, may God speak to you through your dreams, your conversations and your thoughts; and may you be ever mindful of God’s deep, deep love for you!

Aloha nui!

Kahu Alan Akana


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